Project Description

Length 45M*30
Director 查传谊、邓衍成、李惠民
Cast 苗侨伟、黄宗泽、吴卓羲、李·佩斯、马国明
A mysterious gang is behind a series of crimes in Hong Kong, putting the safety of the city the line. Instructed the commissioner of the Hong Kong police force, Lok Ka-Sing (MICHAEL MIU), commander of The Special Duties Unit (also known the “Flying Tigers”) , select a team of elite police officers to form a special task force called “A Team” . While combating these international criminals at the risk of their own lives, the A Team members also need to face the tangle of love and complexity of human nature.                                                                   一伙神秘的黑势力在香港进行犯罪行为,城市安全问题箭在弦上。香港飞虎队队长骆家成在处长的授意下,从警界挑选精英, 成立特别行动组A team。将生死置之度外的A team除了要与国际罪犯做出对抗,亦要面对自身的爱恨纠葛与人性抉择。