Project Description

Length 94M30S
Director 黄永刚、金王来
Cast 肖博、金雅娜
In Suzhou City, where the law and the demon are opposite, fan Hai, a master of Tianyige, got to know Zhuyeqing, a demon clan, to realize his dream of “no demon in the world”. However, he fell into a dilemma between emotion and conspiracy. In the process of the hero’s tenacious struggle, it has a positive impact on the establishment of excellent and independent personality of teenagers.在法妖对立的苏州城,天翼阁法师樊海为实现“天下无妖”的宏愿,结识妖族竹叶青“打怪升级”,却陷入情感与阴谋两难的故事。在主人公顽强拼搏的过程中,对青少年建立优秀独立的人格有积极的影响。