Project Description

Length: 58 mins
Director: 高光磊、邹伟、周卫东、韩东志、辜越等
The Great Green Wall is a Science Documentary about Northwest China, North China and North China Shelter Forest System Project (referred to as the “Three-North Project”), which is the largest ecological restoration project in human history, with a planning time of 73 years and a planned total area of 4.069 million square kilometers. With exquisite and highly expressive aerial pictures, the film shows the arduous course and scientific and technological innovation of the Project in the past 40 years, and it has both scientific and literature value. During four years of shooting, the filming crew travelled through 13 provinces, 551 regions, and interviewed more than 100 experts, farmers and herdsmen, and model workers. The film vividly and profoundly depicted the construction process and practical significance of the Project by detailed historical materials, lively scenes and moving cases, also provided a Chinese model for the world’s ecological construction.                                                                                                           本片是一部关于中国西北,华北,华北防护林体系建设工程(简称“三北工程”)的科教片。该工程规划期总长73年,规划总面积达406.9万平方公里,是迄今为止人类历史上规模最大的生态修复工程。本片影像考究,大量航拍镜头极具表现力,展现40年来三北工程建设的艰苦历程与科技创新,兼具科学价值与文献价值。摄制组通过4年的跟踪拍摄,穿行13个省市自治区、551个县旗市区,采访了百余名“三北”地区农林和治沙专家、农牧民及劳模,以详实的史料、鲜活的镜头、感人的案例、生动深刻再现了三北工程的建设历程和实践意义,为世界生态建设提供了中国模式。