Project Description

Length 45M
Director 王菁
Cast 奇诺 * 佩里科、王菁
A Tango with Chino Perico ( referred to as “The Film”) is an interview style documentary film, independently produced, directed and hosted by Director June Wang, the President of Tree Knows Media Canada Inc.. In March of 2020, during the global outbreak of the COVID -19 pandemic, Director Wang was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, doing Tango research for her next feature film The Tree Knows. Chino Perico, (aka “El Chino”), a legendary “Milonguero” (old timer Tango dancer) in his 90s, well known for his elegant dance steps, was drawn to Director Wang’s graceful moves. Their rendezvous on the dance floor sparked a deep conversation across generations, cultures, races and genders. “EI Chino’s” recollection of his lifelong devotion to Tango spoke a sense of life and wisdom. With the keen eyes of a “living fossil of Tango”, he retrospected some of the most amazing dancers and performances in Tango history. Watching the film is a rare Tango experience. The film was shot before the “COVID-19 Siege / City Lockdown” in Buenos Aires, and post-production was repatriated to Canada. Despite the challenges of “global isolation”, the film lives up to its expectations, and is made with craftsmanship. It is like a unique charming gem, beaming its love and dedication to the art of Tango.
《探戈邂逅 — 奇诺·佩里科》(简称 “该片”)是由加拿大知晓树传媒总裁王菁导演独立制作指导的一部采访式电影纪录片。2020年3月,在Covid -19全球大流行期间,王菁导演在阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯市为她的下一部电影故事片《知晓树》做探戈研究。奇诺 · 佩里科 (又名“中国人”),一位90多岁高龄的传奇 “老舞棍”,以其优雅的舞步闻名遐迩,竟被异国舞者王菁导演的优美舞姿吸引。他们在舞池中的相遇引发了这场跨越世代、文化,种族和性别的深层对话。奇诺回忆了他一生对探戈的投身热爱,言谈中迸发着生活感悟和人生智慧。他以“探戈活化石” 的资深眼光,“华龙点睛” 般地回顾了探戈史上最令人惊叹的舞者和表演。观看该片是一次难得的探戈体验。该片在布宜诺斯艾利斯“Covid-19封城” 之前完成拍摄, 后期制作遣返转移到加拿大。尽管经历了 “全球性隔离” 的各种挑战,该片不负众望,匠心制作,如同一颗独特耀眼的宝石,闪烁着对探戈艺术的热爱和奉献。