Project Description

Length 90MS
Director 吉小龙
Cast 洋懿、赵志瑶
This drama describes the growth process of five young people who have the dream of military sniping E-sports in real life and military E-sports. As a descendant of the special forces sniper martyr, Jiang Baipo has excellent abilities. In his university, he combined his military hobbies with military E-sports and formed a five member “marginal body team” with his friends. His opponent named Snake thinks highly of Jiang Baipo’s ability and wants him to join in his own team. Facing the invitation of a strong team, Jiang Baipo flatly refuses. Under the leadership of Jiang Baipo, the “marginal sports team” took part in the military competition. The team could have won the competition, but they were trapped by Snake and missed the champion. Many years later, the five people with the dream of military competition met again to make up for the original regret. In order to win the game, Snake played a dirty trick in the game secretly again, but with the cooperation of Jiang Baipo, Baozi and his teammates, they finally won the game in the military competition, and Snake was arrested for manipulating the game.