Project Description

Length: 30 mins
Director: James Zeffirelli、Niko Ren
Cast: Carlos Amezcua
Karen Cantrell
America has first-class education and diverse cultures. As an Asian living here, I love this land deeply. However, the large-scale epidemic that has spread to the world has become a disaster in 2020 and beyond, but it also allows us to re-understand the meaning of life and family. As an individual in the global community, there is no enemy between people. Covid-19 is our common enemy. Hand in hand, we shall overcome Covid-19!                                                         美国,一流的教育,多元的文化,作为生活在这里的亚裔,我也深深爱着这片土地。但蔓延至全球的大规模疫情,成为2020年乃至未来的灾难,但也让我们重新认识生活和家庭的意义。作为地球人,人类之间本没有敌人,病毒才是我们共同的敌人,只要我们携手,终有一天,我们将战胜病毒!