Project Description

Length: 114 mins
Director: 马崇杰
Cast: 欧凯明、崔玉梅、何瑛华、梁玉城、杨小秋
In 1927, Zhou Wenyong, was in charge of Guangzhou workers’ movement, met Chen Tiejun in the wharf, who was running away from her wedding. After the “April 12th counter-revolutionary incident”, Zhou and Chen were asked to pretend as a couple, established a secret office and hold the leading positions of the Guangzhou Uprising which started in December, 1927. However the Kuomintang reactionary army pounced on Chinese Communists hardly as soon as “Guangzhou Soviet government” just founded. Zhou and Chen were arrested in prison. After being lured and cruelly tortured, they were not surrender, but only asked for taking a “wedding photo” before execution. They considered the execution ground as the wedding chapel, the gun shots as to celebrate their wedding, and the kapok as the wedding followers.