Tree Knows Media Canada Inc.

Company Name:
Tree Knows Media Canada Inc.

Film Production / New Media

Company Description:
Tree Knows Media Canada Inc. (referred to as “The company”) was established in 2018 by Chinese-Canadian director, writer and producer June Wang (Jing Wang, her Chinese name). She is best known in the industry for her roles as a writer and director in the feature Film Perfect Baby, and as a co-producer in the feature film Wolf Totem.
Build on the original literary scripts, in the spirit of craftsmanship ingenuity, the company is committed to producing mainstream art feature films, short films and documentaries.The company focus on the collision and integration among ethnic cultures, promotes feminist expressions and advocates social equality of human rights.Future media projects will also expand into art education arena, including training and mentoring in music, dance, acting, writing and directing, etc.
“Tree Knows”, the company name, expresses the founder’s philosophy of advocating nature: Nature is God and to whom we all need to listen.