Shangahi Dragon TV

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Shangahi Dragon TV


Company Description:
Dragon TV is one of China’s leading platforms for TV news and programming with a global vision. By adhering to the philosophy of a channel “built by news, strengthened by films and series and vitalized by entertainment programs”, Dragon TV has become a window into the city of Shanghai and a distinctive satellite TV platform which, among all the provincial satellite TV channels in China, does the best in reflecting real-life and the spirit of the times. At present, Dragon TV serves more than 1.2 billion people around the world. Dragon TV provides round-the-clock broadcasting, including news, films and miniseries, variety and talk shows, lifestyle shows, etc. It is a place which converges the best of SMG’s (Shanghai Media Group) outstanding content. Most notably, news is produced and provided by the SMG TV News Center, films and miniseries are provided by the SMG Drama and Film Center, and regular programs are produced by the channel itself.