Shaanxi JUWEI Pictures Co., Ltd.

Company Name:
Shaanxi JUWEI Pictures Co., Ltd.


Company Description:
Shaanxi Juwei Film Industry Co., Ltd. devotes itself to exploring local cultural characteristics, and constantly explores themes with humanistic value while adhering to a higher production standard. The national intangible Cultural Heritage Huayin Laoqiang Digital Protection project produced by the company passed the one-time acceptance of the Ministry of Culture and ranked the top; Large-scale cultural and innovative project — “Shaanxi Traditional music integrates media publishing and communication” was listed as the key cultural support project of Shaanxi Province in 2017, making a beneficial exploration for the in-depth communication of Traditional music culture in Shaanxi Province and the development of the emerging cultural format of traditional culture. “Moonlight Shadow Wall”, a literary film written and directed by young director and scriptwriter Ma Shiman and produced by Shaanxi JUWEI Pictures Co., LTD., has been shot in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi province. The film has been shortlisted for the 2019 Major Artistic And Boutique Cultural Project of Shaanxi Province and the 2020 Boutique Cultural Project of Xi ‘an city.