2016 TV Drama



Length: 18mins*3

Director: 瞿中梁

Cast: 翟中梁、林浩翔、吳潛一、周昂、趙澤辰、孫顥然、陳聖浩、林詩涵、陳眾儀、康諾、徐添樂、張宇翔、朱運、蔡悅人、宋宛玲、張榆晗、蘇國華

“I will protect you” is specially made to meet at the G20 summit of hangzhou, from hangzhou Guyi creativity co., LTD. And hangzhou television children’s channel taken together. Taiwan gold producer jennfer Lin as producer, director of international Zhai Zhongliang as director. “I will protect you” by telling a group of smart baby intelligence fight stupid thief, […]


Length: 45mins*52

Director: 李木戈 (李牧鴿)

Cast: 王耀慶、魏千翔、潘之琳、應采兒、巴圖、王策、王偉源、邱璐璠、閻娜


Workplace needs stratagem and love involves combat, so what should we do is to fight with elegance.’ The words come from the story between Xunuo and Shen Zhize. No matter what kinds of difficulties that life gives to you, the strength in mind and the insistence in character are always the key parts that help you […]

YiHai Alliance

Length: 42mins*36

Director: 王偉民

Cast: 劉之冰、遊大慶、潘雨辰、談莉娜、白威、原維、李洪濤、譚陽、舒蕭霖


The area inhabited by Yi people in Liangshan, Sichuan, is strategically situated and not easily accessible with tough folk customs. It has been an excellent military stronghold since ancient times. Cruelly hunted by the 500,000 Kuomintang troops, the 30,000 men and women of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army strategically crossed the Jinsha River, and came […]

Juvenile Avanti

Length: 12mins*104

Director: 郭葳嬌


Juvenile Avanti is based on Avanti’s boyish life and study, which shows a naughty, innocent, humorous, optimistic, righteous and kind growing experience of Avanti. It subscribes a happy life that Avanti help others solve various problems by using his wisdom courage and justice.

My Uncle Zhou Enlai

Length: 45mins*49

Director: 陳力

Cast: 孫維民、黃薇、唐國強、丁柳元


Beginning with Chinese People’s Liberation Army marching in Beiping in 1949 and ending with the passing away of Premier Zhou Enlai in 1976, the TV serial describes the work and life of Premier Zhou during these 27 years. Premier Zhou attended Bandung Conference in Indonesia at the risk of Kuomintang spy’s assassination without any fear; He made […]

Hot Girl

Length: 45mins*37

Director: 袁曉滿

Cast: 馬可、迪麗熱巴、劉潺、王洋
The Nanqing-based Flame Shield Security Company selected bodyguard from a group led by Guan Xiaodi, a young and beautiful girl. Finally, Guan Xiaodi, a kung-fu master, and Liang Dawei, a car master, et al., had passed the examination and assessment, and entered the training camp. Under the training of the drill sergeant, they had been reborn. […]

Hero Dog 2

Length: 45mins*42

Director: 袁曉滿

Cast: 張雲龍、王洋、王煜、童瑤
Xiaoqi followed its savior Ou Ye to the pet hotel, but Ou Ye cannot remember it. Xiaoqi attempted to help Ou Ye regains her memory while “contesting with” Bao Yu. Finally, it made it. Ou Ye carried Xiaoqi’s wish of competing with Mary (a star dog) into effect, and Xiaoqi also brought Ou Ye and Bao […]

Yang Ko

Length: 45mins*79

Director: 郭靖宇、柏杉

Cast: 楊志剛、楊紫、王奎榮、劉芊含


In 1930s, a beggar Haimao returned to Haiyang of Shandong for searching relatives. Unexpectedly, enemies Wu and Zhao two large families from generation to generation in Tiger Bay not only force Haimao’s parents who violated family disciplines to death, but also sank Haimao to sea. Miss Wu Ruoyun and fisher girl Zhao Xiangyue as well as pirate […]

Brave Heart

Length: 45mins*76

Director: 郭靖宇、柏杉、劉礴

Cast: 楊志剛、杜若溪、於毅、張少華、劉芊含、肖茵

Huo Xiaolin offended public security commander Zhao Jinhu and escaped from Xiyang. Zhao Jinhu and escaped from Xiyang. Zhao Jinhu dressed a bandit and killed the whole family of Huo Xiaolin. Huo Xiaolin apprenticed to learn martial and disguised arts and killed Zhao Jinhu with coordination of Miss Mei. Huo Xiaolin and Miss Mei were affectionate, but […]

Nirvana in Fire

Length: 45mins*54

Director: 孔笙、李雪

Cast: 胡歌、王凱、劉濤、王維德、陳龍、劉敏濤


Twelve years ago, seventy thousand Chiyan soldiers annihilated with injustice in Meiling after a bloody battle because of the treacherous court official that cheats the fatuous monarch. LIN Shu who is the young marshal of Chiyan regained his residual life from the gate of hell. After the pain of loved ones losing and great deals suffering, his […]

Good Time

Length: 45mins*38

Director: 夏曉昀

Cast: 胡歌、王曉晨、許亞軍、韓東君、周楚楚、徐百卉

Yuan Hao, a man with successful career, met Mao Xiaochun, an outspoken ophthalmologist in the grassland. The brief encounter later led to a long and tortuous relation between the two. When the pair of devoted lovers was at the door of “marriage”, they were again faced with unprecedented challenges.

Youth of Ice and Fire

Length: 47mins*44

Director: 潘鏡丞

Cast: 賈乃亮、穎兒、杜淳、林小瓏

This TV drama illustrates the love and hatred among a group of young men born in the 1980s. As an inspirational TV play, this drama tells how these young men step into the society after leaving the campus, how they encounter twists and turns and overcome difficulties, how they fall in love but break up with each […]

Happiness and Sorrows with Village Official

Length: 47mins*47


Cast: 錢泳辰、孫嘉璐、劉偉、王駕麟、張磊、張世宏、斯琴高娃、楊昆、馬丁

Farmer singer million joy out of the name, the village folks want to follow moneymaking businesses then cheated him back to the village, he was chosen as the village head, Wan Xi unwilling as a “beggar”village official, he want to completely change the concept of the villagers lead everyone out of poverty wealth to achieve real prosperity. After […]


Length: 45mins*44

Director: 李妮

Cast: 袁詠儀、丁海峰、胡杏兒、濮存昕
Linda, divorced single Chinese-American mother from San Francisco, adopted Nana from China. Nana was diagnosed with leukemia when she was preparing for a skating contest. Linda, therefore, traveled to China in hope to find Nana’s real parents.With the help of taxi driver Liu Pingfan, Linda managed to find Nana’s real parents and cured Nana’s disease, Meanwhile, she found […]

My Country Stands

Length: 42mins*52

Director: 王德慶

Cast: 劉金成 、馮鵬、那剛、馮越 、劉小鋒、吳秀波、侯傳杲、劉歡、楊梓墨、許媛媛

After the Mukden Incident, the call for resistance against Japanese aggression upraised. Su Hailong and Zhao Jianyong took the first shot against Japanese invaders at Shenyang City, organized resistance army and joined the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army. Japanese Kwantung Army had organized multiple encirclement and suppression against the army where Su Hailong was. While the […]

Great Marriage Custom

Length: 45mins*44

Director: 曾晓欣

Cast: 乔振宇、杨紫、巫刚、朱茵

A wedding ceremony with strong individual style is around the corner, but the fiancé leaves without giving any notice, then Xia Ran, a top-level wedding designer who is frank and straightforward, and Jin Zhihao, a cosmetic surgeon who seems cool but is actually enthusiastic become quarrelsome lovers who know each other through discords. In the dilemma with […]

Mystery Kill

Length: 45mins*44

Director: 林楠

Cast: 李宗翰、趙子琪、李乃文、陳瑾


Drug Enforcement Detachment Team A leader Qi Yannan faced an unforeseen and emergent event when he was striking down a criminal gang that does drug trafficking. The criminal suspect “Black Three”‘s death also attracted the stern investigation by prosecutor Lin Bing. At the same time, in order to possess the extremely valuable ancient Chinese Medical secret recipe […]


Length: 45mins*41

Director: 安建

Cast: 陈学冬、颖儿、经超、张哲瀚、郭京飞、印小天、于恒、王燕阳、刘涛、王同辉、安以轩、白庆琳、杨懿

During the funding of New China, a spy service led by “The Awaker” stealing into China, using an advanced code named “Purple Secret” for delivering information. Dang Zheng, the deputy director of Decoding Department special unit 701, was assigned to recruit talents around the country to decipher the code.  Talent like Jinzhen Rong with special math gift […]

Mao Yaya Get Married

Length: 45mins*40

Director: 王小康

Cast: 明道、穎兒、馬天宇、張曦文

Mao Yaya, a fierce property manager and an incredibly loyal lover, is having the worst time of her life after her boyfriend of six years dumped her out of the blue. Yaya finds out she has had pregnant for two months, in order to win back his heart, Yaya even makes a sign that says “please come […]

My step father is a hero

Length: 46mins*44

Director: 林合隆

Cast: 林永健、胡杏儿、张铎、刘冠麟、金巧巧、张雪迎、刘小小

Dazuo Luo, nearly 40 years old, worked in the logistics company and met his “destiny in love” Linming Tan. Then those two quickly fell in love and get married. Nothing is so certain as the unexpected, they have encountered a horrifying car crash right after they received the marriage certificate and Tan got killed. Luo had not […]

The Ordinary World

Length: 45mins*56

Director: 毛衛寧

Cast: 王雷、佟麗婭、袁弘、李小萌


Adapted from the namesake novel written by Lu Yao, it tells the living state and life changes of the common people in the significant historical transition period from 1975 to 7985. Taking the destiny of the two brothers Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping in the Shuangshui Village of the northern part of Shaanxi province as spindle, the […]

Legend of Miyue

Length: 45mins*81

Director: 鄭曉龍

Cast: 孫儷、劉濤、方中信、黃軒

During the warring states period, Mi Yue was the most beloved princess of King Chuwei. After the death of King Chuwei, Mi Yue had a very hard life, and her mother Lady Xiang was expelled from the palace by Queen Chuwei. Mi Yue and her little brother Mi Rong survived over and over times of disasters and […]

Necessary Factors before Remarry

Length: 45mins*40

Director: 劉家成

Cast: 朱雨辰、高露、遲嘉、尹俊、李依伊、武笑羽


Li Zhongyuan and Yuan Shengnan divorced, because of the conflict of their disposition. In order not to stimulate their parents, they decided to temporarily keep it as a secret. But at the same time, they are trying their best to find an ideal wife or husband. They try to prove that the other part should take responsible […]


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