2015 Short


Live to Love

Length: 52mins
Director: 陳苗

The film live to love consists of four stoties, each story is adapted from a true event.Film love for children is modeled after Zhang Yichao, founder of Shanghai Jiuqian Voluntary Service. He has been dedicated to providing free extra-class education for children of migrant workers for more than ten years. Dreamers tells a story about dream helping […]


Length: 19mins 27sec
Director: 莫政熹

The film to explore the theme how Chinese contemporary art communicate to the world. Seeking the answer from the relationship between art and mass, and society, and times. Mr Xu Hongfei, the artist from Guangdong, China started the world tour of his sculptures on his own.“chubby women” attracted great attention.

Grandpa’s puppet show

Length: 20mins
Director: 文郁
Cast: 牛犇、劉雪濤

The movie tells a story that an old fisherman wants to hold a puppet show for his wife who has passed away. He asks his grandson to invite the fifth generation of puppet show master, Mr. He to act. After a series of conflicts, the grandson finally satisfied grandpa’s wish. However, there are always something unexpected…


Length:6mins 53sec
Director: 佟彤

The 93 year old Qin Yi teacher in the shooting of “Qinghai Lake” process is recorded,Think A high necked old artist, with such a spirit, and the pursuit of the arts, we only want to quietly record the life of this extraordinary old lady, and do not want to disturb her。


Length: 20mins
Director: 翟中梁

Nobody is flawless, Have you ever thought of give up yourself just because of a single weakness?

The Scent of Laoshan

Length: 10mins 30sec
Director:Sofia Egito

The film shows a day in the life of Jing, a baker who works with her family in Laoshan district. Jing and her employees pluck the famous Laoshan green tea and bake the typical damantou, a special kind of steam bun. In the spring, Jing participates in a contest that contemplates the most original damantou in the […]

Like A Tree

Length: 10mins 46sec
Director:Joana Maria Sousa

This film takes the traditional family culture of China as the theme, which chooses kids and elders as the entry point. From the perspective of the kids, we know the family culture, which is more vivid; Through the narration told by the elders, we comprehend the family culture. The film illustrates profoundly the inheritance of family […]

Painting Qingdao

Length: 11mins 33sec
Director:Zeno De Ridder

Art is a city of culture, is the soul of a city. We visited the streets of Qingdao, Qingdao looking for color art. Special artists through several Qingdao local life style to show the city unique humanistic feelings.

Chopsticks Yin&Yang in Qingdao

Length: 11mins 22sec
Director: Pedro Canavihas

In every society food brings people together. And in China that’s even more accurate. This is a visual portrait of Qingdao and the Chinese culture, a journey of an outsider visiting China for the first time and highlighting some moments of that discovery. Smiles, food, effort, happiness, herbs, labor, tiredness, colors, amusement, the elderly, the youth,symbols, […]

Such Is Life

Length: 11mins 40sec
Director:Andre Mendes

This film interviewed people of different ages and career. Through their stories, we can know about people who live in Qingdao, about their lives, dreams, and their feelings towards this city. The interviewees include: a medical college girl who wants to be a doctor, the brand planning director of a book shop, and the owner […]

Shandong Chefs

Length: 9mins 40sec
Director:Jacopo Wassermann

A look at the private and professional lives of four chefs who serve Shandong cuisine in Qingdao. Through their, family scenes and interviews, the short attempts to answer the following questions: why did they want to become chefs? Have they found what they were looking for?

Dew And Lightning

Length: 11mins
Director: Robin Bervoets, Zhu Shijun, Gao Yuanyuan

The film depicts through different lifestyles, how the chinese people find balance and peace
The film explores how people cope with stress in modern city life. The documentary asks what is means to live a fulfilling life and how to find your center.


Length: 11mins 31sec
Director: Tiago Melo Bento, Zhang Kai, Zou Yaping

This film is about “Beer”. Li Hua, the brewmaster and Li Guo Liang the taxi driver show us their vision about beer and life. One takes us to see the factory the other takes us to dinner with friends. In the half of this two journeys the film takes us to […]


Length: 9mins 41sec
Director:Rita Laranjeira

Women’s status in Chinese society is rising and their ideas and words are getting more and more attention.The interviews with local Qingdao women in different position,different age layer,explore their answers to dreams,memories,fears and wishes.What worth mentioned is that the film tries to present different views of these women about the same question,but more prominently showed the flower […]

Yuan Yuan

Length: 9mins 40sec
Director:Bernardo Lopes, Jiahui Lv, Chenyu Zhao

Our goal is to portray the life of a couple, Nina and Li, who live in a suburban area of Qingdao and both work far away from their home. Having solid careers and a long lasting marriage, they have their three-year-old daughter as their proudest accomplishment. Approaching this narratively as a diary, contrasting […]

The Art Of Tea And Music

Length: 12mins 36sec
Director:Sonetta Ducan

An exploration of the tea and music culture in Kaifeng, the Song Dynasty and China through the eyes and lens of a foreigner. Shot in locations such as a cultural museum, a commercial tea house, a music school and studio. This film contains footage of traditional tea ceremonies, educational teachings, speeches, interviews, the city Wall, cultural performances, […]

Stay with Me

Length: 11mins 52sec
Director: Mimie Kumi

This documentary is about Bian embroidery which is a traditional Chinese art. There are unique stitches and special charm in it. So it shouldn’t be ignored and it needs to be inherited.

Wu Liang – Without Beams

Length: 10min 45sec
Director: Cristian Gomes

Wu Liang – Without Beams is a story about a 19th generation Daoist monk who runs a residential temple in the heart of Kaifeng, China. He visits his old home in Kaifeng’s Long Ting temple to recall what he remembers of his childhood.

A Spice of Life

Length: 10mins 30sec
Director:Victor Toboh

The whole film is based on Kaifeng Chinese people’s attitude towards work, as well as their work-life. This documentary tells the story of Dragon Pavilion pedicab driver and repair pens oldman, combined with other workers with embellishment, highlighting the Chinese people for the hard work of serious and positive attitude towards life.

Time Flies In The Hands

Length: 11mins 42sec
Director: Samira Kia

Times Flies in The Hands represents Chinese simple and profound culture in an abstract context, a world full of hands as the main characters. Here hands are metaphor for Chinese unity and culture of sharing. This film also accentuates on the necessity of making memories. We all need to make memories to live the life to […]

I Have a Dream

Director: Mahsa Razavi

I am working on a short piece about Chinese approaches to learning and teaching practices and its importance in one’s personal and social life. In particular, the film will explore the difference between Chinese culture approach to the process and goal of education and Western idea of education.

More Vivid Than Sculpture (A visual journey into Chinese generation)

Length: 11mins 08sec
Director: Mehrtash Mohit

A poetic approach to the relation between Chinese generations, families and culture.
A visual description of all the differences and similarities of these different generations. Family as one of the strongest elements of Chinese culture is playing an strong part to tie all generations together.


Length: 12mins 30sec
Director: Nikita Mor

A sweet simple family film set in rural china. It is a humble portraiture of four generations of a family in Wanzhai village of Kaifeng. Through a glimpse into traditional Chinese village life, it is an authentic attempt to explore, document and understand the subtle nuances, and beauty of Chinese cultural and familial values at the […]

A City Above Cities

Length: 11mins 56sec
Director: Rany Naser

A City Above City takes us through the history, culture, and art of Kaifeng, one of the most Ancient cities in the world and capital of China during the Song Dynasty period, and explores the government’s plans of revitalizing the city back to its ancient form.

Conversation in Music

Length: 12mins 56secs
Director:Agnitra Chakrabarty

A young man from India carries a yearning for Chinese folk music came to Guizhou, China, in order to achieve the integration of traditional music and modern music, he walked into a different world of music. Music Without Borders, love without borders.

More Than Words

Length:10mins 51secs
Director:Vikram Arora

A traveler from India is walking the streets of Guiyang. He is surprised to find the number of things that remind him of his homeland – from people’s struggles to lifestyles, it’s almost the same. However, he is intrigued by the rhythm of the city and the peace and calm all around him. His pursuit brings him to […]

Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom

Length:11mins 12secs
Director:Subal Korickal Ramabhadran 印度薩吉亞特·雷伊影視學院

People of Guiyang city (China) spending their leisure time in centre of the city called People’s square. They belong to different background, different social class. But here they merged the way different rivers merged in the sea. They carry different colors of life in this film. The sculpture of chairman Mao, always standing there, as if […]

Where Life Is

Length: 10mins 12secs
Director:Alexander Leo Pou 印度薩吉亞特·雷伊影視學院

Our story is about the families living in villages inhibited by the Bouyei Minority of China in Guizhou Province. Ordinary families become living souls knowing who to care and love one anther. Simplicity is the essence in their ways of life.


Length: 9mins 31secs
Director:Debjani Banerjee

Guqin is the oldest music instrument in China, having a history of almost 3000 years. The film shows how artists feel about the Guqin, what they think of its music, and how nature has the rhythm and soul of music. The tea house is the place where more than two hundred of years. So tea house […]

The Girl Across The Stream

Length: 10mins 52secs
Director:Modhura Palit

The film is about a lovely young Miao girl living in Guiyang city. As a part of the Miao minority and a local star, the film captures Yang Yifang in her myriad moments, as she balances her life inbetween classes, friends and her cultural identity. It is a candid and personal film about the girl as […]

Master Stroke

Length:10mins 28secs
Director:Srijani Dey

As a film student I always find interest in other fields apart from Cinema. Painting is definitely one of them. My film ‘Masterstroke’ reveals a famous and eminent painter of Guizhou province as well as China. In the very short time that I got to spend with him I found him a very interesting and intriguing personality who […]

The Mask Opera

Length:9mins 58secs
Director:Ritika Poddar

In the Film, my journey begins from entering into the Tianlong village which is near to Anshun Province of China. The purpose of visit is to learn more about the famous traditional opera form called Tiaoshen (Dixi). So, to know all about Dixi and its history, I meet the Dixi Master Mr. Chen in the […]

Half Mountain

Director:Sounak Kar

About 20Kms from the city of Guiyang there’s an ancient stone village situated between the mountains named Zhenshan or Half-Mountain village. This is a portrayal of the history, architecture and folklore of the village and the life in general in that place. It browses through their ancient tools and customs, traditional clothes and songs, and day to […]


Length: 10mins 27secs
Director:Malay Shekhar Vadalkar

Nowadays, people use paper more than ever, but seldom do they know about how paper is made and what is it made of. Ancient art of paper making is charming and interesting, our film focused on the process of paper making.

Everlasting Longing

Length: 8mins 2sec
Director: Maya Meiri

This is a film about the poetry of Xi’an, city life and moment within it. Poems from a far place and time, feel with voices and smiles. The film brings back the poetic into common, ordinary life. Poetry that captures heroic moments, who takes the daily events and turn them into magic. Poetry is what connects […]

Against the Current

Length: 10mins 39sec
Director:Tristan Bourquin

Doing something different will change your point of view. Against the Current is a way to describe a journey and especially show strange feelings that you can have in a new place. A trip start with a departure and an arriving and finish the same way. A beginning is an end and an end is a beginning. […]

Art of the education

Length: 9mins 46sec
Director: Margot Deniau Rosato

The subject of the documentary is the education link to the art. Education is the fundament of every society. It allows children to become adults and to have responsibility. Through the art, many students can express themselves and have a great sensibility and a good development. That`s why we want to show the importance of […]

Greenly dwell in summer

Length: 10mins 21sec
Director: Claire Guichon

Xi’an is not only an ancient city with a long histroy, but it has strong sense of ages. Our film is just focused on the green spaces of Xi’an in summer which represent the cross of past and now, where varieties of people colorful activities showing the unique spirit of this city. Individual, family and city […]

Bird of paradise

Length: 8mins 35sec
Director: Efim Graboy


Life in Opera

Length: 10mins 45sec
Director: Helli Hardy

The film “Life in Opera” is about the Qinqiang Opera. The Qinqiang Opera is a unique art that is related to the traditional culture in Xia’n. The film tries to show that this opera, except from its unique voice tunes, is related to all people: young, old, rich, poor and it can be sing everywhere; in […]

Near or Far

Length: 11mins 5sec
Director: Shai Skiff & Shangguan Shuyi

A girl, after ten years away from Xi’an, came back to her hometown. She felt an intimacy to this city, as well as a sort of unfamiliarity. Coming back means looking at the surroundings by a different view of life. Everything changes rapidly in this city, except for the modesty under its profound […]

Inner Peace

Length: 12mins 13sec
Director: Quentin Sarta

During the trip to Xi’an, I’ve been surprised by the amount of noise and movement in a city that never stops living. But then, I’ve found this place which is the campus of Xi’an Academy of fine arts. This place looks like it has been taken from somewhere else and put in the city. There is […]

Two Shades Of Light

Length: 10mins 4sec
Director: Daniel Binsted

The movie links between a Jewish Calligrapher to Chinese Calligrapher, by examine their methods of work & style.

Xi’an Boys

Length: 12mins 56sec

Two young inhabitants in Xi’an are coming from different background, and have a different way of life. But they have a lot of things are common, they like running, and for both of them, friend, family, and music are important.

Mr. Ma

Length: 12mins 35sec
Director: 許文俊

Mr Ma tells the story of the last Sheepskin raft craftsman, Ma Jianhua. Through his eyes, we learn about the history of the sheepskin raft, and how Lanzhou and the Yellow River has changed over the years. Through his years of experience and insight, we see his hopes and fears for the future. In Mr Ma, we […]

Wild Strawberry

Length: 10mins 42sec
Director: Sini Kononen

In the blundering society, many people have been unwilling to do mountain climbing this calm, but in the outdoors is a good way to get everyone organic unifies in together. So sometimes, mountain also has significance for family.

Director Sini from Finland, so she under the lens of mountains were appearing a Nordic and distant, in which […]

A Taste of Lanzhou

Length: 11mins 53sec
Director: Christine Seow

“Food is the most important thing in the life of a Chinese”. This reflects the importance of the food culture to the Chinese. The film is from a foreign student’s perspective, in how she sees China and in particular, Lanzhou. Through exploring Lanzhou and its famous snacks, she realises how food can integrate different cultures […]

Lanzhou Families

Length: 10mins 43sec
Director: Heika Fyr Roma

In the film we meet three families from Lanzhou. We see in one normal day, three families intermixed. The documentary wants to show that in a changing world close relations of the family are a constant and your loved people are the most important thing in the world.

Of Noodles, Father& Son

Length: 13mins 12sec
Director: Sampo Johansson

The theme for 2015 Looking China is “Individual, Family, Nation” so this documentary is about a family. But this family is very special and is a representative of China. This family, Bai Lao qi, is well-known to all. But why does everybody know them? It’s because their beef noodles are well-loved by the people in Lanzhou. […]

Muslim Ties

Length: 10mins 17sec
Director: 黃裕珊

We can see in the street lanzhou Muslim women bag with all kinds of scarves, men with white hat, spectacular mosque and Muslim restaurants of different styles. Under the beautiful appearance, do you know about their daily life? Move your fingers, you will see a different Muslim world

A Nation’s Treasures

Length: 11mins 6sec
Director: Louis Kartason

“Spiritual product of the same product and the plants and animals can only be explained by their environment.”

Shaanxi opera and miniature gourd, is a resounding loud and clear, is a quiet and delicate. A combination of both, will show you bring a different experience. We will tell you a story about family and culture.

I Hate This City

Length: 10mins 47sec
Director: 俊豪

Film is the theme of the lanzhou people speak of friendship, the documentary also with kindness as the theme, through the characters in the form of interview records the zhao friends in the process of making the three films to his help and encouragement, and share the success from creating studio to film making it in the […]

Shanshan of the Mountain

Length: 12mins 53sec
Director: Janne Häkkinen

Shanshan spends her summer vacations off university working her parents’ restaurant up on the steep slopes of Lanshan, located in Chengguan district of Lanzhou.

We follow Shanshan from early morning until the late evening, cleaning tables, serving customers and helping the other family members working at the restaurant. During the hectic day we have chance to chat […]

Qing Ting Lan Zhou

Length: 10mins 43sec
Director: 露兒

My documentary explores different aspects of music in Lanzhou and in China. I was interested in meeting a band that was unique to Lanzhou. A band who understood the city through its sounds. I was also interested in exploring the state of music in China, but specifically in Lanzhou. I understand that Lanzhou is a city much […]

A Bowl of Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Length: 12mins 59sec
Director: Corine Tiah

A Bowl of Lanzhou Beef Noodles is made from a Singaporean’s perspective. From Singapore’s Chinatown to Lanzhou, we explore the differences between the Lanzhou beef noodles and larger cultural differences it implies. Walking into home of a Lanzhou local and witnessing their everyday life and their making of beef noodles, we discover the underlying warmth of […]


Length: 9mins 53sec
Director: Claudia Rose Holmes

Ge is a documentary that explores the revolution of fashion in modern China. Two designers from two different generations talk about the importance of clothing in their lives as well as their countries. The film reflects on economical and political changes that have influenced how the country dresses and how this has an impact on […]

The Tiger Mom Effect

Length: 13mins 40sec
Director: James Carroll

A story about Chinese education, through interviews with two of their children’s education.

Have rich experience in shenyang mother, shows the Chinese education of warm and pain.

Capture the pushy complex Chinese mothers and children.

Tying The Note

Length: 8mins 34sec
Director: Delaney Murphy

The documentary by understanding the story of three women of different ages and marriage view over the years the change of the attitude toward marriage in Chinese culture, and how these changes affect women.


Length: 9mins 43sec
Director:Jason Albury

ZongZi (sticky rice dumpling), One of the most recognizable symbols of the Dragon boat festival. It’s a tradition that has been going for 2000 years and the people who carry this tradition hope it will carry on through generations to come.


Length: 9mins 42sec
Director: Masa Sarovic

Through interviews and with liaoning university college of art’s recognized folk art graduates He Yuzhang behind the scenes of life portraiture, insight into the northeast yangko this originated in the folk, has a long history of dance, but also map out under the background of The Times the life of a young Chinese dancers state and […]

Skating Shenyang

Length: 10mins 35sec
Director: Oscar Ascencio

This film aims to show a different face of the Chinese new generations, how they adopted a subculture from the western society and made it their own.

Skateboarding has been a non-traditional sport around the globe for the past 70 years and has undertaken a big journey from the west cost of the United States to the […]


Length: 3min 49 sec
Director: Flávia Trevisan

H2Obby tells the story of Hobby, a very curious little dog that develops with an ice cube a friendship which, with the evolution of the facts, becomes a challenge to keep.

Grandma A True Story

Length: 5min
Director: Viviane Peoc’h

A grandmother and a granddaughter love and understand each other truly, without the need for speaking. One day, the grandmother has a stroke and is transported urgently to hospital. There is no hope. As the night gets deeper a miracle is on the way.
A true and compassionate story.


Length: 15min 12sec
Director: Devansh Mathur

Based in the quaint hill station of Panchgani, this film follows the story of two teenage boys exploring the world around them on cycles and how their relationship changes due to external factors.

Shenyang Station

Length: 10mins 22sec
Director: Nick Richardson

Shenyang station is by showing the immigrant families and Serbia international students came to shenyang daily life, as well as their perception of shenyang, feelings, to show the diversity of shenyang city, in a whole new way to show the shenyang in the 21st century.

Gone with the Sin

Length: 26min 19sec
Director Di Zheng

Five film crewmembers go for birthday party at Michael’s house. Where they find out no one is in the place. A prepared murder and a frightened secret are slowly approaching them behind the house


Length: 15min 47 sec
Director: Josh Mullins

You don’t want to be left home alone with a gnome.
Whilst furnishing their new home, Jack & Ashley get more than they bargain for when they welcome an evil guest into their midst.

Glass Window

Length: 5min 57sec
Director: Omer Aly

It’s around depressed guy who wakeup one day and surprised that he is alone in this world.. And while he walking in street he will found himself alone and all people disappeared .. Then he will found an old camera.. Once he look to the street through the camera he will surprised that all people there […]

Glory For Me

Length: 12mins 12sec
Director: Marleena Forward

Lv Jiarui and Zhaoyue are in Shenyang national school. Their dream is to become a professional acrobat. Although for six days a week of intensive training, but the hard training and tight schedules did not kill the children love of dreams and persistent. They use their own way to prove to the world even if again […]


Length: 4min 20 sec
Director: German Velasco

An old couple follows their also old dog into a memory of their youth. This will make them question the environment and their current life which leads to a tragic decision.


Length: 23min 35 sec
Director: Carsten Thomas

„ersti“ is a German student short movie, which represents a humoristic review on a freshman’s onset in the university. The protagonist, an unknown freshman, experiences several characteristic situations like the move-out of the parental home, the campus life, the first lecture, the first living community as well as the famous party. “ersti” is a persiflage […]

For a Better Dream

Length: 27min
Director: N S Vazirani

Michael, an ambitious salesman has recently been fired. Unable to come to terms with his new found reality, Michael finds himself on an unfamiliar and dangerous path. His wife Emily must go down memory lane to remind him of a simpler time. Michael represents the exhausted and obsessive nature of corporate jobs and the film symbolizes […]

Together As One

Length: 12mins 43sec
Director: Jelena Gavrilovic

A film about love story in shenyang. Uncle with butyl the perspective of different characters, such as expounded by means of interviews, about the understanding of love and marriage and views.

Flight of Fancy

Length: 20min 13sec
Director: Shailendra Singh

An evening in the life of a happily married man takes a pleasant and sinful turn when his high school crush calls him out of the blue.


Length: 15min
Director: Zhou Tong

A paranoid young maid is hired by a mysterious, neurotic man. While cleaning, she finds evidence which might be related to an unapprehend serial killer. She tries to hide from her employer, who is hunting her, when she fears she is the next target, leading to a violent confrontation.

Finding Cleveland

Length : 12:18
Director: Baldwin Chiu

Finding Cleveland is a documentary short film that follows Charles Chiu and his family on an emotional journey as they take a trip to Cleveland, Mississippi to visit the grave site of Charles’ father, KC Lou. In less than 48 hours, Charles has many surprising encounters with the local townspeople, who help fill in some blanks […]

Carving Through

Length: 10mins 3sec
Director:Christine Maiden

Liú Shuanghe, is an ordinary man that has a love for traditional Chinese stone art. Raising two daughters, the stone artist passes down the craft his father and grandfather once taught him as he sees the decline of Chinese traditional art. Stationed on the busy street, Hefang, Liú Shuanghe believes the tradition of art in China should […]

Fearless Fight

Length: 16min 25sec
Director: Marie J. Magdaleno

“Fearless Fight” is a short independent film that depicts the life of Ricardo de la Cruz, a young man who finds hope in the most unexpected place. After serving several years in prison, he comes out to realize that life is more challenging with a criminal record. He goes through several phases of rejection and […]

Fairy Tale

Length: 29min 43sec
Director: Rongfei Guo

Fairy Wang may be a working-class girl from rural China, but she thinks she’s the next Coco Chanel. After posting her eccentric designs on Weibo, China’s largest social media site, Fairy becomes an overnight internet celebrity. But fame comes at a price for the misunderstood fashion misfit. Filmmaker Rongfei Guo befriends Fairy and walks in the […]

Expect Delays

Length: 5min 22 sec
Director: Jon L Weiss

A journey into the mind of a anxiety stricken working man.This is a re-edited version which is Co-Produced by EDKfilms and FUNN Pictures.


Length: 11mins 20sec
Director: Emily Sheehan

At its heart, my film is about balance, tradition, and family. It follows a mother and daughter who own a experience pavilion and teach modern students the ancient art of Chinese tie-dye. Together, they bridge the gap between the slow rhythm of life from the past with the fast-paced energy of the future. Tradition and tie-dye […]


Legnth: 17min 34sec
Director: Max JC Lee

The short film follows artificial intelligence researcher Martin Silverstein as he accidentally creates a machine which is a perfect copy of a human and his attempt to give the machine what could be considered curiosity and desire. This quickly backfires and he comes into conflict with his boss and research partner/significant other who watch as […]


Length : 15’55”
Director : Xiaoyu Zhang

A high school girl who lives in a dysfunctional family environment which shapes her daily decisions that will compromise her secret relationships and invoke her deepest fear – her father.


Length: 8min 21sec
Director: Asan Djantaliev

A young boy faces his greatest fear for the love of a girl…

Seeing Silk

Length: 9mins 46sec
Director: Marisa Benjamin

My documentary will follow Susan Lu, a 34-year-old professional silk embroidery artist who was recently afflicted with cataracts, hindering her ability to see and do her craft. During her recovery she has begun to recreate her father’s paintings into silk embroidery replicas. The story will document Susan as she confronts losing her vision while trying to […]

Duel in RocasRojas

Length: 7min 34sec
Director: Victor M Alvarez

A group of outlaws fight for a swag of gold coins.

Dog Tail

Director:Swathy Deepak

A commuter chases a pickpocket until he is moved by a shocking discovery…

Drew & Lightning

Length: 11min
Director: Robin Bervoets

The animadoc DEW & LIGHTNING explores how people come to their center and find balance in contemporary Chinese society. By searching for commonalities in four different practices the film delves into spirituality and existentialism hoping to find the quintessence of a meaningful life. The short portrays a strong sense of duality that is present in all of […]

Chan & Tea One Taste

Length: 9mins 57sec
Director: Luisa Mendez

Hidden in the higher of the Hangzhou Mountains, where heaven touch earth, the peace from the origins of life makes us feel the “Chan” sensation if we really understand the meaning of this great and special religion, Buddhism.

A travel into the tea life, since the seeds passing trough the growth, the sale, the market, the […]


Length:15 min 25 sec
Director: Jerónimo Rocha

Trapped inside the Space Freighter/Refinery DÉDALO, SIENA tries to survive an infestation of DIABOLIC CREATURES.

One Step

Length: 5mins
Director: Calla Kelley-Renda
Cast: Devin Castaño, Jacqueline Renda, Chris Ann Kelley, Nate Shu, Marina Kelley-Renda

A film about the struggles of growing up and the acceptance of change.

Dead Hearts

Length: 16min
Director: Stephen Martin

A young mortician will give his heart away to find true love. A whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss, taxidermy, Kung fu, and biker werewolves.

The Old Man and The Erhu

Length: 8mins 33sec
Director: Jon Mayer

Uncle Chen tells the story of how he came to learn the Erhu, and wonders about the future of traditional Chinese music.


Length: 6min
Director: Alon Levi

A group of kids are playing truth or dare. Tom, a brave soul, chooses dare, but to his dismay is faced with a true test that will challenge not only his confidence and bravery, but one that will teach him about life as well.


Length: 5min06sec
Director: Hujiao Rui

This is a society fills with violence and poor. For earning the prize money, elder brother decides to attend a boxing competition which is arranged by the gang. Younger brother tried to stop his brother going to the competition, but elder brother already made up his mind. Elder brother went to the countryside and saw a car […]

Play it Again Xiamen

Length: 10mins 22secs
Director:Ana-Maria Comanescu

A visual journey through the streets of the bustling Chinese metropolis, this documentary aims to discover the various types of music that Xiamen has to offer, from the formal confines of a concert hall where grand voices echo through the hearts and minds of the audience, to the more intimate atmosphere of a cozy family bar, where […]

Artist in China

Length: 10mins 23secs
Director:Irene Gelashvili(Georgia)

Alexsander Gelashvili, a Georgian artist, who lives in China. He is talking about his life in China, his artwork. When he first came to China, he almost cannot speak a single Chinese. But now he has got many friends. In this country with a long history, he does not think he is a foreigner. China is […]

Cloud and Mud

Length: 14min 47sec
Director:A Cheng Dong

A murder in rags came to the town. The ravenous man had been badly seduced by the steamed bun thus he could not move forward his steps in front of a steamed bun shop. The murder was slowly moving his hand to the knife. Just at the moment, a bun with warm steam appeared in front […]

Fifth day, Fifth month

Length: 10min 38sec
Director: Nikita Sampath

In may, the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, one of the five on this day, people such as dragon boat racing, dumplings, dragon-boat festival feelings never dies. The film focuses on traditional festival in condensed feelings — “person, family, home countries countries”. Male rowing, competing power and majestic momentum, female package dumplings, reunited […]

Mumu Mianmian

Length: 9mins 48secs
Director:Giorgi Mukhaze

Mumu and Mianmian are twin sisters. Our video is about their daily life. Their name came from Zeng Guofan’s Zhixinjing, which means dignity and innocence. These two girls look like each other, but their personalities are different, and their character is just like their names: Mumu is modest and quiet, Mianmian is lively and cheerful. Although […]


Length:10mins 21secs
Director:Vakhtangi Jajanidze

If someone asks me, what is felicity. In my opinion, nothing is better than to be together with you soul to soul.

The film tells a story about an old couple, who work in different sections in Beijing Normal university. The film records their different kinds of work and life-style in one day. In addition, their […]

A Tomato Is Not A Tomato

Length: 4min 41sec
Director: Lingyun Zheng
A Tomato Is Not A Tomato is a mood piece reflecting the director’s feeling of being lost after running out of curiosity and passion to new life when she moved to New York City. In this film, the balloon represents her past in China (childhood and hometown) while the tomato represents her present days of uncertainty. […]

A Soul’s Dream

Length: 21 min 31sec
Director: Kandula . Mani Krishna
A Soul’s Dream tells the story of a writer who entangles himself between the materialistic reality and an idealistic scenario of fulfillment as he is held up in the middle of an unfinished novel until he reaches a point where he begins to question his own existence.


Length: 4min 33 sec
Director: Joshua Linder

A big bad man,and a symbol of China’s middle class, tries to buy a wife, so that his mom doesn’t kick him out of her house.

New Home

Length:10mins 34secs
Director:Maria Sichanin

We choose a nursing home for shooting to show the main idea of “person, family, country”. The film shows the life of nursing home in one day. The house was quiet in the morning, with a hint of loneliness and solitude, because the old people is still in deep sleep. When they wake up, the home comes […]

A Good Heart

Length: 6 min 48 sec
Director: Yuan Li
Jane talks to police about the truth of her son Kevin’s heart transplant operation. She said for the chance, but when she saw the Asian boy running out of the operating room and heard that boy calling mom, then she knows she cannot be selfish anymore.

A Day in the Libary

Length: 9 min 38 sec
Director: Felik Wong
A librarian struggling between protecting or betraying a domestic violence victim. It is a microcosmos of the holocaust.

A Brief Encounter

Length: 2min 36 sec
Director: Somayeh Yazdanpanah
A dragon lives alone, away from people. Its job is to burn garbage and it goes to work every day. One day, on the way back home, it encounters a little girl.

Journey to Planet Beijing

Length: 9mins 22secs
Director:Claudia Carolina Garcés Solórzano

The film kicks off in the chaotic way to the subway. As the visitor (camera) arrives to Planet Beijing, it stops to see people’s faces. As the visitor felt so much interested in the people of Planet Beijing, when he arrives he starts to film them while they are working, walking or simply […]

Can’t Go

Duration: 15min 44sec
Director: Ali Ozan KISAR

The Fisherman has a monotonous life that he shares with his father, who is in need of care. The only way the Fisherman expresses himself and breaks the simple circle of his life for a while, is the act of writing. He writes stories and sends them to literature journals and finally takes part in […]

To teach a child

Length: 11mins 24sec
Director: Meredith Lawrence, 郭玥

The film follows a 8-year-old girl named volunteering at school, home life, and planning, production instead of the final exams this semester math games chess process. At the same time pay attention to the interaction between fantasy and his mother, great mother ms wu on the child’s education also have a lot of his unique […]

Looking For…

Length: 10mins 23secs
Director:Salome vephkhvadze

The film is divided into “person, family, country” three parts with a view from a foreigner who saw China as first time. Film clearly presented people’s interesting life and warm feelings between families in Beijing.


Length: 12mins 19secs
Director:Bakar Cheaqezishvili

This is a story about Alice. When we traveled to the Great Wall, she was our tour guide. She learned English by herself, so she can introduce the wonderful scenery and the culture of the China to the foreigners. At the same time, she is also a woman, who lives with love. She usually reads books, […]

Talking Chengdu

Length: 9mins 34secs
Director: Bryony Hooper

This documentary takes a small insight into what it is like to live in Chengdu.We interview different people all who have different relationships with the city.Some have lived here all their lives some have moved here all recently and others have lived here for a very long time.Chengdu is known for being a relaxed city.The […]


Duration: 4min 17sec
Director: Gong Jiawei

In this short film, the minimalist setting, slow-motion imagery, and the ambient drone background music construct a peaceful, tranquil, and meditative scene. However, viewers’ interpretation may change after they find out the animated background graphics are actually mushroom clouds from nuclear explosions. Perhaps things are not always as we conceive and perceive them. The devastating nature […]

The Other Night Factory

Length : 15mins 52secs
Director : Timothée Corteggiani
Cast: Émilie Deville, Éric Defosse

Helpless and confused, Andrea goes back to the factory where she used to work.
Clinging on her past, she tries to survive.
But, the violence of reality will shatter all of her illusions.

Story of Aunt Wu, Spirit of China

Length: 12 mins 17 secs
Director:Sebastian Rivera

Aunt Wu, as an ordinary person, does exercises in Shuangxiu Park everyday, through which she makes friends with a lot of people. They stay in good relation, caring and helping each other. The park is not only a place to take activities, but an epitome of China, reflecting the current living situation and […]

The Red Thunder

Length: 6mins 26secs
Director: Alvaro Ron
Cast: Allie Grant, Miles Heizer, Karen Strassman, Doug Olear

Sarah (Allie Grant, “Weeds”), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom’s brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer “Parenthood”), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, “Silicon Valley”), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving […]


Length: 12 minutes
Director: Peter Choi
Andrea Cansler … “Tina Sue Taylor”
Karl Ramsey … “Professor Randall Jarvis”

Popular daytime TV talk show host Tina Sue Taylor learns that accidents don’t just happen.

The Wandering Mountain

Length: 29mins 42secs
Director César González Álvarez

Marcial is a hermit hunter who, once a week, receives his lifelong friend who brings him books, food and lively conversation to his solitary life in the mountains. One day the
Hunter discovered ancient human bones. Frightened, awaits the return of his friend to report it. The blame starts
torment him, not let him […]


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