Project Description

Length: 45mins*79

Director: 郭靖宇、柏杉

Cast: 楊志剛、楊紫、王奎榮、劉芊含


In 1930s, a beggar Haimao returned to Haiyang of Shandong for searching relatives. Unexpectedly, enemies Wu and Zhao two large families from generation to generation in Tiger Bay not only force Haimao’s parents who violated family disciplines to death, but also sank Haimao to sea. Miss Wu Ruoyun and fisher girl Zhao Xiangyue as well as pirate Black Shark joined hands to rescue him, the survived Haimao caused havoc in Tiger Bay, but to be framed again by two family leaders. Haimao was condemned to death in prison unjustly. Fortunately, he encountered with underground party member Wang Tiankai who made use of artful scheme, then he was reborn. Haimao not only retained home from Yangko as an opportunity to bridge the enmity between Wu and Zhao two families for hundreds of years. Under the leadership of Haimao, common people in the Tiger Bay finally defeated Japanese invaders and truly became master.