Project Description

Length: 90mins

Director: 李曉軍

Cast: 于波、週韋彤、王德順、班嘉佳

<XuanYuan the Great Emperor> tells the legendary story of the ancestor of Chinese people: Ji Di.  Ji Di lived in the Yellow River basin about 5000 years ago. One day, he was sent by the chief to the Shen Nong tribe to trade salt. The people of Shen Nong tribe were good at farming and leading affluent lives, which impressed Ji Di. But they were attacked by another tribe called Jiu Li without any warning. The warriors of Jiu Li was led by the invincible Chi You.  Ji Di fought with his live and saved the chief of Shen Nong, but he was captured by the enemy. ChiYou appreciated Ji Di a lot, and he released Ji Di, hoping Ji Di would serve him one day. On the way back, Ji Di was trapped in the swamp and saved by a woman, Luo. She took him back to You Xiong tribe. Another woman called Mo in the tribe also loved him and was willing to sacrifice herself when predator threatened his life. JI Di had to be a stone to be not moved, hence he married them both. Many tribes joined the You Xiong due to wars and environmental changes. Ji Di fused them together and integrated their cultures and skills. Together they developed the tribe into a strong one. But the peaceful life didn’t last long before Jiu Li tribe brought the war to them. Ji Di led his people to victory and turned the enemy into family. Ji Di was honored as the leader of all tribes and led his people to the agriculture age. Ji Di was remember as Yellow Emperor because of his love for the yellow soil.