Project Description

Length 3M20S
Director 乐书婷
“Wuhan in the Balcony” , with warm and capable lens, depicts the real and simple state of Wuhan under the COVID-19. This short video has a novel perspective. It focuses on the balcony of residential buildings in Wuhan. It takes care of ordinary citizens with a horizontal angle, which shows the peace and the vigorous surge of life in the sufferings that shocked us. The video reflects the inner warmth, courage and optimism of Wuhan people. Especially, the last sentence “When you get back to the balcony,when we get out of the balcony” expresses the feelings of countless people at that moment. Through the short video, more and more people can see that the heroic and painful Wuhan survived, and the ordinary and orderly Wuhan existed. Most of the Wuhan people are lucky, and they still live in an ordinary and orderly way after the epidemic. Under the pressure of the epidemic, this short video conveys the strength of Wuhan, Hubei and China to the world, adds strength to win the battle against the epidemic. The video is directed by Jackie Chan, narrated warmly and powerfully by Chen Kun and Zhou Xun with their distinctive voices, which fully mobilize the audience’s audio-visual experience.