Project Description

Length: 45 mins|
Director: 宋業明
Cast: 賈一平、邵峰、夏侯琪譽

During the Batter of Shanghai in 1932, Shanghai gang leader Hong leads his fellow members to fight against Japanese invaders. He was assassinated, forcing his daughter Jiner to leave Shanghai, and son-in-law Shen Fang severely injuried. Shen survived and joined KMT to investigate the death of Hong. Meanwhile, Jiner returned to Shanghai and resume the leading role of the gang. Member Jiu was seduced by Japanese spy Taolan, who further instructed Jiu to break apart the gang. Shen rounded up members who were pro-Anti Japanese and eventually found the culprit behind Hong’s assassination. Shen and Jiner finally teamed up to get rid of Taolan and devoted themselves to fighting the Japanese.