Project Description

Length 4分05秒
Director 冯秋芳、史芸、杨震飞
The music video Unparalleled Bravery features almost 40 well-known hosts of Shanghai Media Group. They come from all channels such as TV news, variety shows, radio programs and new media platforms. It was produced by SMG’s top directors and technical team in less than 24 hours and was first aired on Dragon TV on January 28th. It is the first music video in the nation to celebrate and support healthcare workers working on the frontlines of the pandemic featuring all but hosts.
Unparalleled Bravery is a song produced by Shanghai Media Group in 2003 when the nation was fighting against SARS. Many hosts who once sang this song back then said it was even more meaningful to be singing it again in the time of the COVID-19 pandemics. Media workers send our respect and best wished to all healthcare workers with this song.