Project Description

Length: 10mins&9mins
Director: 马浚伟
Cast: 陈照天、刘雪明、何慕思、彭咏仪

短片一 (早餐) 以家庭岗位为主题,讲述何美嫦的丈夫是中港两地货⾞司机,照顾两位孩子的责任完全落在她身上,故此在公司不能开夜班,因此遭受同事及上司的歧视,令她感到疲累及无奈。但生命无常,丈夫因癌病而去世,在伤痛之余,她矢志要担起丈夫的责任。

A touching story about family responsibility, Breakfast follows Mei-sheung, wife of a cross-border truck driver who toils every night between Hong Kong and China to make ends meet, as she shoulders the entire burden of looking after her two children at home. She often finds herself ostracised at work, having told her boss that she cannot work overtime because of her children. Her pain and misfortune soon multiply, as her husband passes away with cancer. Will she succumb to the suffocating stress, or will she rise above it all?
短片二 (灰姑娘) 以情绪病为主题,讲述咏如父亲因患病突然离世,令她陷于抑郁而疏远人群。因朋友的劝解终于肯去见医生及求职,但最终失败。犹幸受到童年时父亲说话的激励,咏如尝试寄情于父亲留下的不同盆栽,借此找回⽣存希望。

Following her father’s unexpected death, Yu descends into a state of depression and recluse. Thanks to words of warmth and encouragement from her friends, she finally brings herself to see a doctor and look for a job, only to find out that the world can be a cruel place for people recovering from mental illness. Just when she feels like being drawn back into an abyss of darkness, she recalls an edifying moment from her childhood, and begins to find solace in nursing the plants her father has left behind. At once candid and compelling, A Depressed Woman is a story about losing hope and finding it again.