Project Description

Length 24 mins
Director 林贤兵
“Animated Video is composed of the following six volumes: “ Learning About COVID-19 With Tubo Bunny”, “Leaning About Quarantine With Tubo Bunny”, “Trying to Adjust Ourselves Mentally With Tubo Bunny”, “Developing Health Habits With Tubo Bunny”, “What Is Virus?”, and “Let Tubo Bunny Teach You How to Use Protective Equipment”. Different Knowledge of popular science that are closely related to children are provided in this series, such as seven Q & A about COVID-19, ten knowledge of virus children shall know, ten little hygienic habits children shall develop, and so on. The iABC is in charge of the paintings in this series. The Science And Technology of China Press and the Popular Science Press are in charge of its publication.