Project Description

Length: 45 mins
Director: 程志超
Cast: 胡冰卿、楊洋、陳翔、白敬亭、趙圓瑗、譚松韻、吳磊

Baicao, a brave and strong girl, grows up in Anyang and endeavors to achieve her dream of Yuanwudao. After Baicao enters the Songbai Club, club leader Ruobai carries out tough training on her and falls in love. Former champion Chuyuan always takes great care of Baicao, which stirs a competition between the two. Rising star Tinghao is also attracted by Baicao and wastes no time to pursue her heart. These young people who were friends for years now all develop feelings for one girl,. Moved by Baicao’s spirit, Ruobai regains his confidence, Chuyuan resolves his anxiety, while Tinghao restarts to pursue his dream. They undergo a variety of opportunities and challenges, share their love and friendship, as well as enjoy their youth and growth along the way.