Project Description

Length: 102mins
Director: 宁海强
Cast: 李东学、于小伟

In May 1935, the Central Red Army made a forced crossing of the Dadu River in the Midwest of Sichuan Province, the main force proceeded northward from Anshunchang along the right bank of Dadu River, officers and soldiers in the Fourth Group advanced by running the clock round for up to 120km on the rugged mountain path in the heavy rain so that arrived at the west bank of Luding Bridge on time, which created a miracle in the history of human march! Regimental commander Huang leaded 22 commandos to take off the bridgehead by walking on iron chains in the volleys of gunfire along the chain with firewalls, but also taken off Luding Bridge to cross the natural barrier encircled with left bank troops, which smashed Jiang Jieshi’s plot turning the Red Army into the second Shi Dakai, so that the northward passage of resistance against Japanese aggression was open and wrote an immortal chapter in the history of the Chinese revolution.