Project Description

Length 5M*24
Director 詹佳骏、孙嘉杰、孙闯、周倩、董路翔等
The Temperature of the City is a series of micro-documentary launched by Center Documentary the Shanghai Media Group which clause started shooting before New Year’s Eve with a total of 24 episodes. The micro-documentary is the first documentary project which focusing on the theme of the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai this year. This documentary series is first in the subject selection, filming, production, and broadcasting time, it covers professions, ranging from the aviation industry, the metro, the community, CDC, Health Commission, and the public health department to the distribution of mask production, drugstores, highway service areas, the catering, work resumption, etc. It quickly, profoundly, and comprehensively records the warm stories of Shanghai’s battle against the pandemic in professions and all posts that strive to feel the pulse of society through the closest perspective, the concern behind the focus topic of epidemic prevention, looking through people’s necessities. The camera directly hits the scene, like a temperature gun, measuring the city.With a section of real sketches of humanistic feelings, is continuing to condense the city walking in the fighting the epidemic disease of fellow travelers, gathered into a special period of a city’s spiritual bottom color.