Project Description

Length: 96 mins
Director: 艺兮
Cast: 游大庆、德姬、陈亮、尔玛依娜
On August 25, 1933, the Diexi earthquake happened, destroying families and houses. In Songpan, the Jadrup temple hereditary chieftain An Dengbang took the lead in disaster relief.However, the officials, led by Yu Jiexu of the Songpan county government, not only tried not to save the people, but also imposed taxes. The government forced the peasants to participate in local armies in the name of “anti red gangsters” . The conflict between the government and the people was intensified rapidly.
An dengbang took the lead in the fight of refusing taxes. and broke into the execution ground and rescued wrongly condemned people.After all these bold actions, An Dengbang was wanted for rewards.  On his way of escaping, An Dengbang wounded in a fight with the government and he was saved by the Red Army.  Inspired by the policies of the red army, An Dengbang joined the red army with his crews. As a result, he became “the first leader of a minority ethnics, in the modern history of China, to join in the communist revolution”.