Project Description

Length: 16Mins37Secs

Director: 唐玉强 刘译阳

Cast: 弋阳、蔡牧昀、荣鑫、李玮

Two gunmen were found by a policewoman, Yingying Kong, while she was on duty, when they were trying to escape by train at a small railway station. After shootings, wounding Yingying Kong, the murderous gangsters kidnapped a woman Chunyan Cao with severe heart disease and took her as a hostage. Yingying Kong`s father, Lifeng Kong is the captain of the SWAT, rushed to the scene immediately, rescued the hostage successfully. After wards, Lifeng Kong signed his name on the donor application of his sacrificed daughter so they could transplant her heart to the Chunyan Cao. Two years later, Chunyan Cao came to visit Lifeng Kong. Chunyan Cao took out the stethoscope and put it in Kong Lifeng`s ear and let him listen to her heart, beating. When he heard her daughter’s heartbeat, Lifeng Kong was filled with emotion.