Project Description

Length 25M*5
Director 赵曦

“”The front line””, went deep into seven hospitals of epidemic patients in Wuhan, and truly recorded the real state of Wuhan in the whirlpool of the epidemic in more than 50 days after the outbreak of the epidemic. There are doctors from the national emergency rescue team fighting day and night in the front line to fight for life with death thrilling; There are temporary temporary treatment centers, thousands of patients collective life details depiction and inner confession; there are moving stories about ordinary people becoming volunteers who run for help and are enthusiastic about charity and good deeds in disasters; There are ordinary people who show tenacity in self-restraint in home isolation and so on. Real stories show the true feelings of the world in the epidemic.
《 第一线》, 深入武汉七家疫情患者收治医院,真实记录了疫情爆发后的50多天里,身处疫情漩涡的武汉的真实状态。有来自国家紧急救援队的医生,日夜奋战在第一线与死神争夺生命的惊心动魄;有临时搭建的方舱医院内,数千病人集体生活的细节描摹和内心告白;有普通人在灾难中成为奔走救助,热心义举善行的志愿者的动人故事;有居家隔离在自我约束中展示坚韧的普通百姓等等。一个个真实的故事,展示疫情中的人间真情。”