Project Description

Length: 137Mins

Director: 滕俊杰

Cast: 张扬、徐晓英、王宏尧、李欣桐、张卓、刘恋、张洋、李扬、王冲、刘珊、阮明园、邱思婷

During World War ||, the Soviet Senior Sergeant Vaskov and five young female anti-aircraft gunners fight a fierce and brutal war with the German paratroopers in the vast forrest. Outgunned and outnumbered, Vaskov sends Lisa out for reinforcements while he and the other four try to hold the Germans for as long as possible. However, Lisa falls into a muddy pool in the swamp and drowns under the water. Vaskov and the remaining four fight the sixteen Germans. They manage to win the fight in the end yet all four female gunners Rita, Zhenya, Sonya and Galya are killed in action. Vaskov grieves the heroic and tragic death of the five female gunners in the quiet forrest.