Project Description

Length: 120Mins

Director: 陈力

Cast: 王仁君、王志飞、刘智扬、胡兵、张一山、孙维民、春晓

The movie is a magnificent and astonishing epic blockbuster. With artistic expression spanning 90 years, it describes the extraordinary time after the Fourth Red Army arrived at the west of Fujian in 1929, which is rarely known by people, from the perspective of the grandson of a trumpeter of the Red Army. How the young revolutionary leader led his young army to overcome hardships in desperate situations and to start a successful revolution is vividly recorded in the movie. Less than two years after the founding of the army, the Red Army was cornered by all kinds of counter-revolutionary armed forces. In the Gutian Congress held in December 28th, 1929, the fundamental principles of building the Party ideologically and building the army politically were established, which sounded the victory of the Party and the army.