Project Description

Length: 88mins
Director: 罗英
Cast: 齐梓杰、都洛桐

“娇生惯养的“滑雪小白”赵天祺是一个在电子游戏的虚拟世界中游历的 少年。一个偶然的机会,在滑雪基地遇到了高山速滑冠军伊依。伊依因训 练受伤走不出心理阴影,把自己封闭了起来。一群来到基地参加滑雪训练 的调皮孩子为了帮助伊依,发生了一系列哭笑不得的故事。在教练们的帮 助下,伊依释放掉内心的压力,赵天祺也变得勇敢了,他们一起在滑道上 飞舞。
The spoiled “”Rookie Skier”” Tianqi is a teenager who indulges in the virtual world of video games. By chance, he met Yi, the champion of Alpine skiing, in the ski base. Yi couldn’t get out of the depression of her training injury and became autistic. A bunch of naughty children came to the base for skiing training, and they tried everything to help Yi. With their help, Yi Yi walked out of the shadow, Tianqi became brave. They both step on the slide together. “