Project Description

Length 31M06S
Director 东熠
Cast 何晟铭、钱艺凡
Seven years ago, Yang Dahai, a math teacher, and Xiaoyu, a white-collar wife, were born. Unfortunately, they were diagnosed with autism. Starting from Xiaoyu’s inability to enter school, the story comprehensively describes the emotional entanglement, life difficulties, social misunderstandings faced by the families of autistic patients and the difficult process of going out of difficulties and facing the future.                              七年前,数学老师杨大海和白领妻子丽丽的孩子小雨降生,不幸被确诊为自闭症患者。故事从小雨无法正常入学为切入点,全面描述了自闭症患者家庭面临的情感纠结、生活困难、社会误解以及走出困境面对未来的艰难历程。