Project Description

Length: 95 mins
Director: 李科
Cast: 徐洪浩、程愫、白忬菲、赵与之、朱景芳
Ruixi’s husband was a policeman who had died on a mission. Just one hour prior to his death, Ruixi was chatting to him on the phone. Despite the doctor’s advice, Ruixi risked her life and gave birth to a baby girl, Qin Xiaobai. After the birth, Ruixi was transferred from the role of ‘police officer’ to a ‘Subdistrict Office Clerk’.
Ruixi bacame traumatised due to her husband’s sudden death. She cannot stand being separated from Xiaobai.
Xiaobai finnaly grew up.
Xiaobai chooses to study at the nearby university, and she wants to take care of Ruixi with her grandmother.