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Length: 0853

Director: Omar Ahmad 欧文

Return, take root and then change the countryside, which is a thrilling experience of Chen Hui, a young agriculturist who leads the local farmers to a better life in the new development. Majoring in International Business, the director Omar Ahmad Mohammad Alsakran is passionate about the stories behind the entrepreneurs. So how did Chen Hui be famous with Citrus Gonggan and written in the magazine “Fortune”? He and his teammates have visited Deqing, Zhaoqing to meet the epitome and learn about the startup stories.

回到农村、扎根农村、改变农村,柑橘妹妹陈慧,用双手把百姓生活变甜,这是90后新农人陈慧用自己的经历书写下的动人篇章。导演Omar Ahmad Mohammad Alsakran尤其喜欢探索企业家和创业者的故事,陈慧是怎么凭借着德庆贡柑一举成名、登上美国《财富》杂志的?他带领团队成员来到肇庆市德庆县,探寻新农村创业故事,领略新农人风采魅力。