Project Description

Length 2M25S
Director 乐书婷
The “Remembering 2020” calls on unite and cooperation to face the  COVID-19 by various artistic means. Voiced by a deep and powerful narrator—actor Tang Wei, the short video warmly interprets China’s responsibility and determination involving in the global anti- epidemic story. It conveys the common desire to break through the shackles of the epidemic by recording the moments from putting on the masks to taking off the masks with double lens at the opening and ending of the video. The video describes the impact of the COVID-19 with lens, and gives the answer: “Facing it together is our only defense.United, fighting the virus rather than one another. Kindness and respect are the highest forms of humanity.” The video objectively describes the current world fight against epidemic prevention with multiple sets of real pictures to show the Chinese attitude of “the people first, the life first”, and forcefully responds to the refutes from the outside world. This short video calls on the whole world to respect life, fight against the virus together, and explain the concept of a community of common destiny for mankind, which has been recognized and praised by more and more countries, regions and international people.