Project Description

Length: 18mins*3

Director: 瞿中梁

Cast: 翟中梁、林浩翔、吳潛一、周昂、趙澤辰、孫顥然、陳聖浩、林詩涵、陳眾儀、康諾、徐添樂、張宇翔、朱運、蔡悅人、宋宛玲、張榆晗、蘇國華

“I will protect you” is specially made to meet at the G20 summit of hangzhou, from hangzhou Guyi creativity co., LTD. And hangzhou television children’s channel taken together. Taiwan gold producer jennfer Lin as producer, director of international Zhai Zhongliang as director. “I will protect you” by telling a group of smart baby intelligence fight stupid thief, protect the story of Liangzhu ancient jade, spread in the child’s innocent Chinese ancient civilization and traditional culture. The story line according to the two main characters, play crossover. Is a mischievous but has a kind heart, a wish to protect children of Liangzhu ancient jade, 2 it is to want to resell Gaogu criminals. The play, the children age small but mischievous and bad people full to something is always wrong, constitute a smart baby story of fight stupid thief.