Project Description

Length: 90mins

Director: 陳兵

Cast: 安宰賢、安以軒、方中信


The film is about the restaurant owner Ye Xiaomeng (Ady An), a Virgo, who becomes a 3S lady because of her fetish about relationship cleanliness and pursuit for perfect love. Her bestie Yaoyao (Wang Shuaishuai) jokingly calls her a girl with Virgin Complex. Leng An (Ahn Jae-hyun), the chief editor of a gourmet magazine, also a Virgo, who totally differs from Ye Xiaomeng in character, plays around and is considered as a cynical womanizer, but his best friend Song Baobao (Song Jiayang) knows that he never really loves anyone because he is obsessive about relationship cleanliness. Ye Xiaomeng meets David (Alex Fong), the general manager of western restaurant, who is qualified to be her Mr. Right in every way. David has a crush on Ye Xiaomeng because of the similarities in character between her and his ranaway fiancée and formalizes hi relationship with her. But in fact, that David can’t get over Linda gets stuck in Ye Xiaomeng’s throat. It’s unacceptable for her to be “another woman” in their relationship. And Leng An finds that he falls for Ye Xiaomeng while working with her day in and day out. Leng An and David both step into Ye Xiaomeng’s love world. Will Ye Xiaomeng get over the Virgin Complex and find her true love?