Project Description

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉逢聲
Cast: 黃渤、袁泉、倪大紅

In 1940, Shen Xilin, a CPC undercover agent in Tianjin lost contact and became isolated, but he never gave up his faith and kept looking for an opportunity to obtain intelligence. Meanwhile, Lao Tan, former special agent also waited for a chance to obtain intelligence. Lao Zhou of the CPC underground organization used Zisheng, adopted son of the late CPC member Han Peijun, to avenge his late father. Japan’s Intelligence Agency head Takeda Koichi spared no efforts in destroying the underground organizations of the CPC. One after another, thrilling intelligence wars were being waged in Tianjin. With his special identity, Shen Xilin obtained intelligence such as the Japanese army printing counterfeit money, the drawings of z-planes, and raiding plans, which were passed on to the CPC by Zisheng. Lao Zhou made careful arrangements and thwarted the enemy’s plot.