Project Description

Length: 90mins

Director: 王軍

Cast: 馬恩然、侯秀清、武宗平


In a seaside town, the old man Mr. Li Lianshun and Wang Caiying depended on each other, and their son and daughter-in-law were working in Beijing. One day, Li Lianshun argued with his wife, so he got angry and didn’t eat lunch, and he went fishing in the seaside. During that period, he had a lot of phone calls, but he didn’t answer. When he returned home, he found that Wang Caiying had died of heart attack. In order not to cause a burden to his son, also because he couldn’t let his wife go, Li Lianshun chose to live alone. The old man was tortured by regret, guilt, missing and loneliness, and he clashed with someone and became collapsed after having hallucinations. Accompanied by his friend Mr. Guo, Li Lianshun gradually become cheerful, but unfortunately…