Project Description


A person treasures traditional dancings that transcend generations. Someone else encourages their fields to grow through their singing. Another one climbs in search of the best trophies. Rituals with nature as common ground, and their boost within the universe of virtual platforms. Through the screen, the outsider eye looks for daily victories.

位农民将传承世代的传统舞蹈视为珍宝;一位农民通过歌声鼓励他的农田成长;一位农民在采山中寻找最佳的战利品。 他们在虚拟平台上展现不同的自我,而共同点则在于在传播仪式中透露出的自然美感。通过屏幕,我们看到了他们在平凡日子里的高光时刻。