Project Description

Length: 45mins*54

Director: 孔笙、李雪

Cast: 胡歌、王凱、劉濤、王維德、陳龍、劉敏濤


Twelve years ago, seventy thousand Chiyan soldiers annihilated with injustice in Meiling after a bloody battle because of the treacherous court official that cheats the fatuous monarch. LIN Shu who is the young marshal of Chiyan regained his residual life from the gate of hell. After the pain of loved ones losing and great deals suffering, his appearance has changed. He incarnated as MEI Changsu, the Chief of Jiangzuomeng which is the First Alliance of the World. Twelve years later, he return to the imperial city as an ordinal person. In order to redress injustice and support the new king, he planned a series of combats. Ultimately, the stigma of seventy thousand Chiyan soldiers to be redressed, the wise king ascend the throne, and Changsu goes resolutely to outcome of his own choice in the occasion of the border emergency.