Project Description

The three sisters

Length: 10mins21sec
Director: 奈特

Traditional costumes which contain nationality characteristics always represent their own flourishing culture, however, the big influence made by the era development also affects the cultural form of traditional costumes. So, protection and cherishing traditions become even more important. This film is about three sisters treasuring Mongolian traditions together by using a crewel needle.

Ancient charm

Length: 9mins54sec
Director: Tee Inthilard

Guru Song actually is a classical music fossil of Mongolian people. Guru Song used to be The Wailing Raiver which was only performed in the Royal Court. However, with the era changed, the art form of Guru Song is gradually changed, and even came to be lost. In the beginning of this film, it shows the original appearance of Guru Song, and then with the view of the current situation of it. The aim of the film is to show Guru Song’s lost as well as surviving at the same time.

Nalin Craftsmen

Length: 10mins11sec

Director: Sivanart Hongprayoon

Short film by filming Maolin Qiao, Lisuo Yang production, handmade carpet process, performance of craftsmanship love of this ancient craft and stick to innovation and heritage, also called for more young people to protect and inheriting the ancient craft.

Desert Combater

Length: 11mins20sec
Director: Phan Chansey

Desert Combater talks about the story of Zhang Xiwang who is an ordinary laborer in Ordos. The film presents the amazing scene of desert and the unique culture in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as well as the hot topic: protection of environment and conservation of nature.

Pyrography of Dalad , Keep It Burning

Length: 10min24sec17
Director: 黃有利

Truly, it’s fascinating. Heat and fire instead of incinerating, gold brownish shades magically emerged to form a beautiful work of art. Describing the art form as unique and adaptable, modern tools were introduced and his young adherents are encouraged to captured scene from their current surrounding and perspective.