Project Description

Length: 45mins*44

Director: 林楠

Cast: 李宗翰、趙子琪、李乃文、陳瑾


Drug Enforcement Detachment Team A leader Qi Yannan faced an unforeseen and emergent event when he was striking down a criminal gang that does drug trafficking. The criminal suspect “Black Three”‘s death also attracted the stern investigation by prosecutor Lin Bing. At the same time, in order to possess the extremely valuable ancient Chinese Medical secret recipe “Mystery Kill”, all forces stretched out their dirty hand to grab it, including president of a major Financial Securities Company, Su Jinrong. Su Jinrong is the financing channel for drug trafficking mastermind Ke Shilan, also one of the stakeholders. Hence he secretly uses private relationship to help Ke Shilan escape from all the charges. At time of rapid changes in the field, Director Ma told Qi Yannan that a police officer with belief, must also possess toughness, stress resistance and tolerance. Under the encouragement and supports from everyone around, Qi Yannan and Lin Bing going around hot on the heels of capturing criminals without any fears to sacrifices nor pressure. At last, under leadership of Director Ma and the joint efforts by Team A, Qi Yannan was able to clear his charge and clear the air with Lin Bing. Together they bring those hidden or fugitive criminals to justice.