Project Description

Length: 45mins*49

Director: 陳力

Cast: 孫維民、黃薇、唐國強、丁柳元


Beginning with Chinese People’s Liberation Army marching in Beiping in 1949 and ending with the passing away of Premier Zhou Enlai in 1976, the TV serial describes the work and life of Premier Zhou during these 27 years. Premier Zhou attended Bandung Conference in Indonesia at the risk of Kuomintang spy’s assassination without any fear; He made thorough investigation and research into grassroots, listened to the public opinions, paid close attentions to people’s livelihood, and dissolved the Commune Canteen; He opposed to build any office mansion of the state council and kept diligent and honest in his work; He dedicated into literary and artistic creations, cared for the life of educated youth, followed up with the reservoir construction. Lots of touching stories are included in the serial.