Project Description

Length: 42mins*52

Director: 王德慶

Cast: 劉金成 、馮鵬、那剛、馮越 、劉小鋒、吳秀波、侯傳杲、劉歡、楊梓墨、許媛媛

After the Mukden Incident, the call for resistance against Japanese aggression upraised. Su Hailong and Zhao Jianyong took the first shot against Japanese invaders at Shenyang City, organized resistance army and joined the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army. Japanese Kwantung Army had organized multiple encirclement and suppression against the army where Su Hailong was. While the circumstance of resistance became severe, the Northeast United Army took turns and marched into the far-east area for correction. Su Hailong led a small squad and conducted multiple infiltration and scouting on the Japanese Kwantung Army, and thereby swept out the barriers for later general attack.