Project Description

Length: 110Mins

Director: 章笛沙

Cast: 陈飞宇、何蓝逗、陈帅、方文强、王初伊、周楚濋

Everyone’s heart is probably hiding a person he never forgets. A name that is accidentally mentioned reminds Geng Geng (as He Landou), a female photographer, of a charming teenager Yu Huai (as Chen Feiyu). They met each other at school. Geng Geng had poor grades on exams while Yu Huai was good at study, they not only became deskmate but also got to know Jian Dan, Bei Ta, Xu Yanliang. It’s a good old time in memory for the teenagers’ innocence and bravery, and Geng Geng developed a deeper bonding with Yu Huai. However, Yu Huai broke his promise and disappeared after college entrance examination. Seven years later, they meet each other again. Will it be possible for Geng Geng to figure out what Yu Huai didn’t say at young ages and the secret why he left without saying goodbye?