Project Description

Length 5分25秒
Director 李晓涛、谭轲、付京
On March 24, 2020, Yunnan Radio and Television produced and launched the anti-epidemic MV “Mountain and River are safe and sound in my mind”, which was released on many important official platforms of the whole networks. This work is performed by excellent Chinese actress Tong Liya and positive young singer CAI Xukun. The MV choose to release at the time when “the spring backs, ice and snow melts” ,  the official announcement of Hubei unsealed, wuhan unsealed countdown day important moment, as an echo act to release online. The MV reviewed the beautiful scenery of Wuhan, reviewed countless contribution of the medical workers, through the beautiful lyrics and music, to the people of the country to send an impressive message! Even in the midst of winter, we have the strength, the confidence, and the courage to pull together as one, which has aroused everybody’s patriotic enthusiasm! Pay tribute to the great phased victory achieved in the fight against the epidemic in the way of music! Once the MV was launched online, more than 100 official blue V accounts、 mainstream media conveyed refresh publicity. This MV quickly aroused positive energy topics: among them “mountain and river undamaged” quickly reached the top of the topic list. The attention of the topic quickly exceeded 100 million, and the total number of hits exceeded 4.5 billion times. It became an excellent and popular anti-epidemic MV praised by people in a special period.