Project Description

Length: 91Mins41Secs

Director: 马应寿

Cast: 吴赫伦、周睿君、奇凌、王耿豪、崔可舫、王玮

In Tianhui Years, Liang Dynasty, the emperor was enthroned when he was young. Seigniors stood in great numbers. Lord Wei had a firm control over the emperor to command the nobles, keeping all power in his own hand. Pretending to be fatuous, the young emperor had the imperial treasures in hand. He made an secret alliance with a martial faction, Tianxiang Ge, to overthrow Lord Wei and take back the power. He held a Peach Blossom Festival, to disguise his intention to pass the treasure map to Tianxiang Ge. Masters from Tianxiang Ge lurked in the Peach Blossom Festival to prepare for the exchange, and to poison Lord Wei at the same time. Lord Wei got the news and set up a massive ambush, intending to intercept the treasure map and wipe out Tianxiang Ge…