Project Description

Length: 45 mins
Director: 李牧鴿
Cast: 王志飛、江珊、周顯欣

Lihai and Wuting are a perfect couple. They immigrated to Canada for their daughter’s education. But Lihai didn’t give up his business in China, so he stayed in Chengdu by himself, separating with Wuting and the daughter in Canada. Lihai fell in love with talented Lixiaofei. Wuting learned about the affair but didn’t give up on her marriage. She decided to give Lihai a second chance. At the same time , Lihai’s business was nearly bankrupt. Lihai wanted a divorce to avoid shifting financial burden to Wuting. But Wuting didn’t agree. With the help of Lixiaofei , Wuting helped Lihai pay off his debt, while Lixiaofei also found another lover .