Project Description

Length: 45mins*40

Director: 王小康

Cast: 明道、穎兒、馬天宇、張曦文

Mao Yaya, a fierce property manager and an incredibly loyal lover, is having the worst time of her life after her boyfriend of six years dumped her out of the blue. Yaya finds out she has had pregnant for two months, in order to win back his heart, Yaya even makes a sign that says “please come back to me” and waves it in front of the company he works at. A handsome young architect named Liu Huo is intrigued by Yaya’s overwhelming passion. Although controversial to many people Yaya’s dedication and   almost foolish persistence gradually attracts Liu Huo’s growing interest. Why? Liu Huo also once had a long and committed relationship. He stopped believing in love after the girl left him. Yaya helps Liu Huo rekindle his hope for love and he decides to help Yaya recover from the breakup. Both of their parents have been pressuring them to settle down, therefore, Liu Huo thinks the “fake marriage”is the only way to help her to explant her prefnancy. Through this bizarre yet exciting journey, Yaya and Liu Huo finally realize that love is more than passion and romance, it’s also about companionship, steady care and the eternal dedication to maintain a relationship.