Project Description

Length: 125 mins
Director: 彭秀慧
Cast: 姜涛、柳应廷 、毛舜筠

多年前曾一手捧红多位巨星的歌手经理人美凤(毛舜筠 饰),婚后选择全面告别职场,专心相夫教子。如今儿子子轩(柳应廷 饰)即将到外国升读大学,美凤决定重出江湖,借以寻回人生价值。一次偶然机会,美凤认识了在茶餐厅送外卖的方晴(姜涛 饰),发现他在演艺方面极具潜能,决心将他推向舞台,果然短时间就成功令他成为大众偶像,令美凤职场上锋芒再露。身世孤苦的方晴激发了美凤的母爱照顾,却令儿子感到被冷落,揭开了母子长年未解的感情裂痕。
Former entertainment industry starmaker Mei-fung (Teresa Mo) returns to the industry after nearly two decades away from the business. By chance, she meets Fong Ching (Keung To), a delivery boy who also happens to have great musical talent. When Mei-fung decides to focus her attention on training Ching, Mei-fung’s son Jonathan (Jer Lau) becomes intensely jealous.