Project Description

Length: 25Mins25Secs

Director: 胡小猛

Cast: 黄贺、张淼怡、王宇哲、廖佳慧

The film depicts a story of a youth, Da Hu, who settled in China’s northeastern countryside accidentally saved an injured dog on the road during China’s cultural revolution. Da Hu loved the dog very much, but he was not allowed to raise the dog under the bureaucratic pressure. So, he decided to send the dog back to the original village. On a blizzard night, Da Hu ran an accident in the snow while driving. While Dahu was in a coma, the clever dog awakened the villagers in the village and saved Dahu’s life. A year later, the young man went back to visit the dog. What he found was a sorrowful fact that the dog was killed by passengers on the road to find him. Da Hu was extremely sad, and he kept the memory of the dog in his heart for his entire life…