Project Description

Length: 52mins
Director: 陳苗

The film live to love consists of four stoties, each story is adapted from a true event.Film love for children is modeled after Zhang Yichao, founder of Shanghai Jiuqian Voluntary Service. He has been dedicated to providing free extra-class education for children of migrant workers for more than ten years. Dreamers tells a story about dream helping and dream building. Dalong once gave up his dream of dancing. However, when he met Kongque, a poor girl who was particularly keen on dancing a lot, he was deeply touched by her. He set up a dancing school to help children like Kongque realize their dreams. Mr. Full tells a story about 4 villagers, who spent six years building a road through the mountains and cliff. The road is 5km long and 4m wide and they made it by their hands and with their unremitting efforts. Yang Xiaoming adapted from Yang Xiaoming’s story, this movie truly reflects the pioneer veteran’s mental outlook.